Neuroscience Podcasts

There are a range of fantastic neuroscience podcasts that allow you to keep up to date with new research in topical areas of neuroscience.  Unfortunately, most of the podcasts may be more suitable to those with a science background but they make for interesting listening.  Moreover, subscription to these podcasts is free.


  • Brain Matters

Brain Matters is a podcast produced by neuroscience graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin and focuses on interviews with neuroscientists.


  • Brainpod

Brainpod is the podcast from the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. This podcast discusses new research related to the Journal’s scope: studies at the intersection of brain, behaviour and therapeutics.


  • Brain Science with Ginger Campbell

The Brain Science podcast explores how recent discoveries in neuroscience help us to understand the brain.  It features interviews with neuroscientists and reviews books that deal with neuroscience topics.


  • Cerebrum

Cerebrum is a podcast produced by the Dana Foundation and that discusses topical fields of neuroscience and interviews neuroscientists about their new research findings.


  • Neuroscientists Talk Shop

This is a neurobiology podcast from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Episodes include guest neuroscientists as well as expert faculty from the university.


  • Neurotransmissions

Neurotransmissions is a podcast produced by researchers at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience.  This podcast focuses on new research findings in neuroscience and how neuroscience and society intersect.


  • Naked Neuroscience by the Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists bring the latest news from the world of science to listeners and used to dedicate a podcast, Naked Neuroscience, specifically to neuroscience research.  Archived episodes can be found at:


  • Neuropod

Neuropod is the podcast from the Nature publishing group that discussed new neuroscience studies published in their academic journals.  Unfortunately this podcast is no longer active, but archived episodes can be found at: