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What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is at the interface between biology and psychology. It is about the scientific study of nervous systems. It includes study of the nature and functioning of the nervous system at all levels, from the molecules that make up individual nerve cells and the transfer of information from one nerve cell to another, to the complexities of how behaviour, thoughts and emotions are produced. Neuroscientists are interested in many basic questions, including why do people and other animals behave, think and feel the way they do, how addictive drugs produce their effects, how brain cells develop, why they die or sometimes malfunction, and how they repair themselves when damaged.

SANS is an non-profit organization (250 – 278 NPO) with a vision to foster interest in Neuroscience and facilitate communication between those interested in Neuroscience, within Southern Africa and Africa.
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What is SANS?

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Other Neuroscience initiatives, organisations and clubs with whom SANS shares a connection

University of Cape Town Cortex Club

Forum for dealing with cutting-edge topics and significant, challenging issues in neuroscience. It is made up of students and professors alike from all sectors of the neuroscience spectrum. Seeks to create a platform whereby ideas about the brain can be discussed in an open, relaxed and informal environment.

The Wits Cortex Club

The Wits Cortex Club serves as a platform for knowledge exchange in the field of neuroscience.

Society of Neuroscientists of Africa

SONA is a non-profit organization registered in Nairobi, Kenya and functions as the umbrella organization for the regional and national neuroscience societies and groups in Africa. The society’s mandate is to promote research and teaching in neuroscience in Africa.

International Brain Research Organization

IBRO is a union of neuroscience organizations with the aim to promote and support neuroscience training and collaborative research around the world.

South African Society of Psychiatrists

SASOP is the only professional body in South Africa that represents the interests of the majority of Psychiatrists in South Africa. The Society is also actively involved in South Africa and Internationally to destigmatize Mental Illness and is fighting against discrimination against people who suffer with mental illness

Anatomical Society of Southern Africa

The Anatomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) founded in 1967, was born out of the Colloquia of the Anatomy Departments in the “old” Transvaal. Today, the Society represents anatomy departments from all tertiary institutions in Southern Africa (i.e. South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe); and …

Physiology Society of Southern Africa

To promote all aspects related to the teaching, research and dissemination of the discipline of Physiology. By providing a spectrum of physiological information, the society strives to play a role in the establishment and advancement of physiological sciences within Southern Africa and the rest of Africa.

Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study

The Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) is a joint initiative of the University of Johannesburg (UJ), South Africa, and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Like other institutes of advanced study elsewhere in the world, its purpose is to promote advanced research…

Neuropsychology SA

Connecting the Neuropsychology community of South Africa


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