Neuroscience Resources for Educators

There are numerous sites for educators that provide resources to help teach learners about the brain and to foster interest in neuroscience.   BioEd BioEd online is an education initiative from the Baylor College of Medicine. It provides free online courses and videos for teachers as well as slides and lesson plans.   The BrainBank Read more about Neuroscience Resources for Educators[…]

Information on Brain Diseases and Disorders

Neuroscience research strives to uncover the mechanisms underlying different brain disorders.  If you are interested in learning more about specific diseases, there are several useful websites.   National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism                  The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism provides information on the effects of Read more about Information on Brain Diseases and Disorders[…]

Neuroscience Videos

There are several informative videos on neuroscience-related topics.   Brain Awareness Videos As part of Brain Awareness week, students may enter short videos explaining neuroscience videos.  The winning entries can be viewed on the Society for Neuroscience website.  There is also a link to videos from previous years.   BrainFacts BrainFacts provides a multimedia Read more about Neuroscience Videos[…]

Neuroscience Resources for University Students

There are a number of more advanced neuroscience resources targeted at a more advanced level.  Included below are a small selection of these that include open access content, tutorials, experiments and simulations, and guides for science communication.   Allen Brain Atlas The Allen Brain Atlas is an online resource that integrates gene expression and neuroanatomical Read more about Neuroscience Resources for University Students[…]

Neuroscience Podcasts

There are a range of fantastic neuroscience podcasts that allow you to keep up to date with new research in topical areas of neuroscience.  Unfortunately, most of the podcasts may be more suitable to those with a science background but they make for interesting listening.  Moreover, subscription to these podcasts is free.   Brain Matters Read more about Neuroscience Podcasts[…]

General Neuroscience Resources

There are several online resources that provide information on neuroscience. Brain This website contains information about basic brain anatomy, physiology and development, as well as material about different diseases and disorders.  The multiple resources include educator tools, videos, articles, blog posts, interactive games etc. and can be filtered according to the age of Read more about General Neuroscience Resources[…]