22nd February 2016



Signing up

  1. To sign up, head to saneurosoc.co.za/register/ or click “Join” from the main page
  2. Click on “select” for the “SANS Member” level
  3. Type in desired username and password as well as email address
  4. If you already have an account on the site, but your membership has expired, click on “LOG IN HERE” or go to saneurosoc.co.za/login/ to login with your details and then head to saneurosoc.co.za/register/ where you can renew your membership by selecting “SANS Member”
  5. Take note of banking details
    Banking details for Southern African Neuroscience Society:
    Bank: ABSA
    Account number: 9082788384
    Account type: Savings
    When making payment please use your invoice number followed by your SURNAME as the reference. E.g. #123456789_SURNAME.
    Kindly upload proof of membership fees payment when editing your profile at http://saneurosoc.co.za/profile/. The file will be visible only to you and the admin. When uploaded, please notify us via contact form or email.
    Notification is expected within 24 hours of registration.
    If you have any issues please visit http://saneurosoc.co.za/help/ or contact [email protected] for assistance.
    If extending or renewing membership, please replace the old file with your new proof of payment.
  6. Push “SUBMIT AND CHECKOUT” when ready
  7. Make a payment on your banking website.
  8. Upload proof of payment under profile (see below) – which will only be visible to you and the administrators.

Proof of payment

Follow the directions on saneurosoc.co.za/membership-confirmation/ (you have to be logged in to view this page).

Profile details

  1. Go to saneurosoc.co.za/profile/
  2. A cover picture can be uploaded by clicking the “+” above the profile name
  3. A profile photo can be uploaded by clicking the circle to the left of the profile name
  4. The above and other details can be edited by clicking the gear symbol to the right and then “Edit profile”. A number of fields will then be editable. Fill in as many as you can or are applicable. This is where you can upload proof of payment!
  5. The “Comment” tab next to the “About” tab is where all the comments you have made on posts will be displayed.

Account details

  1. Go to saneurosoc.co.za/account/
  2. On the left (below the profile photo and name) will be rows of options which changes the right hand side.
  3. You can edit your displayed name and email address, change your password and enhance your privacy. It is not advised to delete your account as all details will be deleted. If you no longer want to be part of SANS, rather “CANCEL” your membership using a link further down the page or at saneurosoc.co.za/membership-cancel/
  4. Only delete your account if you never want to be part of SANS again or are worried about privacy.


By default, every member is notified of every post. This setting can be changed under Account too.