Neuroscience Resources for Teenagers


  • The Dana Foundation

The Dana Foundation provides online activities, games and experiments related to the brain and the resources can be filtered according to age group ).  The website also offers virtual experiments ).


  • Illusion Works

The Illusion works website offers a collection of visual illusions as well as scientific explanations as to how the different images are interpreted by the visual system to create the illusion.


  • The InnerBody

This online resource allows you to interactively explore anatomy in two and three dimensions.  The website includes a section on the nervous system with pictures and brief background information on the different brain structures.


  • National Institute of Drug Abuse

The National Institute of Drug Abuse website has a section for teenagers.  It includes videos, games and drug facts as well as a drug blog.


  • National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health website provides a section for information and resources specifically relating to child and adolescent mental health.


  • The Reconstructors

Rice University has developed an interactive web game for teenagers that allows them to solve medical mysteries and in the process learn about drugs of abuse and addiction neurobiology.


  • The British Neuroscience Association

The British Neuroscience Association has published a neuroscience career guide for learners that are interested in a career in neuroscience. It includes information on undergraduate and postgraduate entry into neuroscience as well as a career guide for neuroscientists.