General Neuroscience Resources

There are several online resources that provide information on neuroscience.

  • Brain

This website contains information about basic brain anatomy, physiology and development, as well as material about different diseases and disorders.  The multiple resources include educator tools, videos, articles, blog posts, interactive games etc. and can be filtered according to the age of the target audience.

The Brain Facts primer book ( can also be downloaded for free.


  • The Dana Foundation

This website provides information about neuroscience research, different brain disorders and includes publications or primers that provide an overview of basic principles in neuroscience ).


  • The Brain from Top to Bottom

The Brain from Top to Bottom is an interactive website about the brain and behaviour from McGill University.   Information on the website is divided by target audience: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


  • The Brain Question

Do you have a question about the brain?  If so, then the University of Washington will try to answer it.  The Brain Question allows the public to ask brain-related questions that the Neuroscience Outreach Community Group at the University of Washington will answer.


  • The Brain Museum

If you have an interest in neuroanatomy, then the Brain Museum is a website collection of brain images from multiple different mammalian species.


  • History of Neuroscience

The Federations of European Neuroscience Societies provides a website with information on the history of neuroscience including information about famous neuroscientists and discoveries.


  • The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

This website provides a patients and caregiver education section. “Know Your Brain” includes information on brain structures and physiology, whilst “The Life and Death of a Neuron” tracks neuronal development across the lifespan.  Several other interesting topics are covered including sleep and stroke prevention.


  • The National Institute of Mental Health

This website offers a section on brain basics, which covers information related to brain development, physiology and research.