Webinar: Economic Challenges, Opportunities & Priorities on Brain Health

Date: Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Time: 4pm (Johannesburg, GMT+2) | 5pm (Nairobi, GMT+3) | 2pm (Accra, GMT)

Duration: 75 – 90 minutes (Online, Zoom)

A healthy brain is essential for optimal cognitive, emotional and behavioural function. Brain Health includes health promotion, strategies to reduce the risk of illness and improve management, the development of brain skills and brain capital. It is an exciting field with the potential to help many people. With increasing global income and food insecurity, it is essential that approaches to brain health and mental wellness consider the impact of  economic factors, and include strategies that address these.


Welcome: Prof. Andre Mochan
Chair: Kirti Ranchod
Panel Discussion

1. Prof. Dorrit Posel: Unemployment, poverty and mental health in South Africa
2. Prof. Cyprian Mostert: Macroeconomics and Health. The role of social security investments in improving brain health
3. Prof. Madhavi Bhargava: Prioritizing nutrition in TB prevention and care: Evidence from RATIONS trial

Meeting Coordinator: Wambui Karanja