SANS Symposium 2020 Prize Winners

SANS 2020 symposium

We would like to thank all who participated in our just-ended online SANS Symposium. A special thanks to all presenters for sharing their amazing neuroscience research findings with us. 

A big thank you to our sponsor, Huawei, for the fantastic prizes! The 3rd prize in each category won the Huawei FreeBuds, 2nd prize in each category won the Huawei P40 lite and 1st prize won the magnificent Huawei P40!

The following are the winners for the different categories of presentations.

Poster presentations 

1st prize: Morne Du Plessis

Methylation quantitative trait loci associated with PTSD in a South African population

2nd  prize: YSL Powerie

Probing mechanisms of action of the anti-psychotic Fluanxol® in cell culture and zebrafish

3rd  prize: Aqeeda Roomaney

Childhood trauma and genetic variation in the DAT 40-bp VNTR contribute to HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. 


Pre-recorded presentations

1st prize: Palesa Lombaard

The effect of ibogaine on GluA1 in the dorsal and ventral hippocampus of rats

2nd prize: Monique Postma

An investigation into the bio-behavioural effects of Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin™) in a model of methamphetamine addiction in Sprague Dawley rats. 

3rd prize: Christina Steyn

Investigating cell-type-specific gene expression dynamics of long non-coding RNAs in the maturing human brain 


Live oral presentations 

1st  prize: Mayur Prag 

Deciphering the regulatory code driving neural crest evolution and development

2nd prize: Nhanisi Ndlovu-

Fronto-temporal cortical atrophy in ‘nyaope’ combination heroin and cannabis use disorder

3rd prize: Arish Rakshasa

Can’t Feel My Face: A Systematic Review of Whole Animal Models of HIV- and Herpes Zoster-Induced Neuropathic Pain