Invited speaker at the SANS symposium: Thijs Verhoog

Our second invited speaker for the SANS symposium is Thijs Verhoog, a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr Joseph Raimondo at the University of Cape Town.

Thijs is an electrophysiologist and obtained his PhD under the supervision of Prof Huibert Mansvelder at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He specialized in making electrical recordings from human brain cells maintained in vitro, using brain tissue that was removed from the brain during neurosurgery, to study the morphological and physiological properties of neurons in the adult human brain. Thijs joined UCT at the start of 2018 to study the pathophysiology of epilepsy at a cellular level in brain tissue removed from the brains of children undergoing epilepsy surgery at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. His work is supported by an EMBO long-term fellowship and a Claude Leon fellowship.


Thijs’ talk, “Investigating human neural circuits in health and disease using patch-clamp electrophysiology in surgery-derived brain tissue“, will detail how he uses a basic science research technique in clinical samples – a very exciting field!  We hope to see you there!