Invited speaker at the SANS symposium: Dorit Hockman

Dr Dorit Hockman did her undergraduate and MSc at the University of Cape Town (UCT). For her PhD at the University of Cambridge she explored the evolution and development of vertebrate hypoxia-sensitive cells. In 2013, Dorit joined Trinity College (Oxford) to perform research into neural crest evolution. Dorit is now a lecturer at UCT, where she explores gene regulation during human brain maturation, supported by a FLAIR Fellowship.

Dorit will talk on, “Chromatin Assembly in the Developing Nervous System: Using the Latest Genome-Wide Analysis Tools to Decipher Gene Regulation“.  She will provide an overview of cutting-edge genetic techniques and illustrate how these are being applied in neuroscience by drawing on her work conducted at UCT, Oxford and CalTech.  We hope you look forward to hearing from this amazing researcher!