“From fossils to Mind” Workshop

We are pleased to announce that our workshop entitled “From Fossils to Mind” will take place on the 30th of November and 1st of December 2021 online!

The overall objective of the workshop is to better extract information about the minds of fossil species and discuss applications in neuro and behavioral sciences. In 1925, Raymond Dart stirred a great debate when he suggested that the Taung child, an Australopithecus africanus fossil specimen discovered in South Africa, had a modern human-like brain and cognitive capacities. Yet the question stands: how does human brain size and structure relate to the evolution of our behavior?

The “From Fossils to Mind” workshop will bring together key scientific researchers from different disciplines for an in-depth discussion on what is currently done to draw relationships between the fossil record and brain function, what could be done in the future, and what the broader implications for anthropology are.

In addition to the keynote presentations from international experts in neurobiology, paleoneurology, and computer sciences, we would like to invite students and early career researchers to present their work during a dedicated session in which they could interact with our speakers. There are fantastic prizes for the best presentations!

For more information and to register and/or submit your abstract for the workshop, please visit our website https://saneurosoc.co.za/fromfossilstomind/ Abstract submission deadline is 20 October 2021!