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Dear SANS members,

There is an exciting opportunity!  The Society of Neuroscientists of Africa has partnered with IBRO Reports for a special issue on Neuroscience in Africa. Please see details below!


  IBRO Reports Journal

Special Issue:  Neuroscience in Africa

CALL FOR PAPERS (First call)

The IBRO Report Journal will be having a special issue with the theme “Neuroscience in Africa”. This is in partnership with the Society of Neuroscience of Africa (SONA). This issue will highlight quality neuroscience research done by Africans in the continent and across the world. In addition, requested reviews from some of our best in the continent will be featured.

The manuscripts in this special issue must meet the quality and standards of articles published in the IBRO Report Journal. Authors will first submit a 350 worded (max) abstract of the manuscript to the Guest Editor (this can be done from now) who in turn will immediately forward to an appropriate Associate Editor. Within a week, if the abstract is seen to be relevant, and of good quality, the author will be told to submit a full manuscript (strictly in line with the abstract submitted) through the normal IBRO Reports journal platform (Platform for the Special Issue will open in May, 2020). The manuscript will then be sent to two reviewers for independent assessments.

For publication in which the corresponding author’s laboratory is in a developing country, IBRO Reports have gladly decided to waive the publication fee. Where the corresponding author is stationed elsewhere, the normal charges will apply. Based on agreement with SONA, note that the publication fee of this Special Issue will only be waived for those who have paid the dues of the society (SONA) for the year 2020.

On submission of the abstract, authors are to indicate if their publication is majorly centered on one of these

1.      Neuroprotection/Neuropharmacology

2.      Neurotoxicity

3.      Neuropathology

4.      Behavioural studies

5.      Neuromodulation

6.      Neuroanatomy/Neurophysiology

7.      Clinical Neuroscience

8.      Others

Thank you

Prof James O Olopade

Guest Editor (jkayodeolopade@yahoo.com)

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