Disorders of Consciousness 13 Aug


Seminar by Prof Barbara Wilson on Tuesday 13 August at 16h00 at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. Your invitation attached. 

Assessment and Management of People With a Disorder of Consciousness

 This presentation describes a number of studies looking at the assessment and treatment of people with Disorders of Consciousness (DOC). A new version of a measure to assess patients with DOC is described. The effects of posture on awareness is then considered. The third study looks at the effect of modafinil, an agent that maintains wakefulness and promotes attention and concentration, on levels of consciousness.   The fourth study compares the delayed recovery of two groups of patients, those with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and those with hypoxic brain damage. Not surprisingly, those who showed delayed recovery of consciousness were far more likely to have sustained a TBI than hypoxic brain damage. The paper concludes with a case study of a man who had a DOC for 19 months, before regaining consciousness and proceeding to regain skills so that he is now leading a reasonable normal life.

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