Happy Brain Awareness Week!

This week (13-19 March 2017) is Brain Awareness Week!

This awesome initiative is an international celebration of the brain, organised by the DANA foundation, that aims to increase knowledge about the brain as well as the value of neuroscience research.  As part of SANS’ mission to foster interest in the brain and provide a means of communication about neuroscience in Southern Africa, we are celebrating our first Brain Awareness Week this year.  Our first project was ambitious but, we hope, successful.  We have been in contact with thousands of schools across South Africa and alerted them to the free online brain information resources on our website.

Please remember, if you are interested in learning more about our amazing brain or the complex and fascinating subject of neuroscience research, there are resources to help you.  Whether you are a learner, university student, teacher, or maybe just curious, please take a look at our list of resources on our education page.  If you would like to know more, please stay connected and join us on Facebook (Southern African Neuroscience Society – SANS) or on Twitter (@SANeuroSoc).

We hope our first project has sparked some interest and excitement in neuroscience and would like this to be the first step in our firmly establishing Brain Awareness Week in South Africa! 

Happy Brain Awareness Week everyone!



  1. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the feedback. Regarding your queries:

    1. The logo for Brain Awareness Week can only be downloaded by registered BAW partners and it’s use is restricted to materials/plans that have been approved by the foundation. Unfortunately I think this prevents us from providing a downloadable logo. I agree that it would be great to expand our programme as we go forward and hopefully provide more personal interaction with the learners and schools. Do you have any suggestions for sponsors?

    2. Is there anything in particular that you would like as a PDF? Some of the links provide access to pages with downloadable PDF content e.g. BrainFacts and BNA career guides, whilst others contain links to resources that are only available online.

    Thank you for your interest and comments. Hopefully next year we can expand with the help of our SANS members!

  2. This is great work, but may I suggest the following:
    1. I find that pictures tell a thousand words and would like to have seen a downloadable logo for Brain Awareness Week. Maybe for next year we could secure a sponsor to sponsor bookmarks, brain stress balls etc.
    2. I wonder if pdf downloads can be made available as well?
    I believe that we/SANS should shout out more about Brain Awareness Week!

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