7th Annual Neuroscience Day: 26 May, University of Pretoria


26 May 2016

Conference Venue : University of Pretoria, Groenkloof Campus

The Neuroscience Research Group of the University of Pretoria cordially invites you to attend Neuroscience Day 2016. We look forward to making this another opportunity which brings together scientists, researchers, clinicians, students & even individuals from the private sector interested in the exciting and complex field of neuroscience. The conference is characterized by its rich diversity of topics and multidisciplinary nature, aiming to provide a platform for individuals involved in all of the various facets of the neurosciences to share their research findings & future aspirations.

The 7th annual Neuroscience Conference will expand your knowledge, widen your network, & stimulate your inquisitive self in the pursuit of a greater understanding of the mysteries of the human brain. We are very excited about this event and look forward to welcoming you to the University of Pretoria Groenkloof campus on 26 May.

Conference Fees:
Delegates                                             R550.00
Registered undergraduate students     R250.00
Postgraduate students                          R550.00

Deadline for poster submissions: 14 April 2016
Click here to submit your poster

Visit the Neuroscience Day website for updates and details 

TEDx will join us for the event


The human brain is the most complex living structure in the known universe! It has a capacity to store more information than a supercomputer and to create a network of connections that far surpasses any social network. The brain has enabled humans to achieve breath-taking milestones – walking on the moon, mapping the human genome, and composing masterpieces of art, literature, and music. – Society for Neuroscience


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