9th November 2015

Tiro Bogale

I grew up in Botswana and double majored in Pre-medicine and Psychology (comprehesive major) at Ashland University, OH. I am a Neuroscientist (MSc. Texas Christian University, TX) and Immunologist (PhD. University of Cape Town, South Africa) who enjoys outdoor activities and dancing.
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Joined 5th September 2017
Research Lecturer
University of Cape Town
Pathology, Immunology (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology)
Prof. Frank Brombacher

My research focuses on cytokines involved in cognitive function, investigated in relation to the influence pathogens such as helminthes (Type2) and bacteria (Type1) may have on learning and memory. Studies that I conduct aim to identify the possible role of pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory cytokine environment, on cognitive function, and their synergistic effects. Immunological roles of these cytokines on both immune cells (e.g. T cells) and non-immune cells (e.g. astrocytes) are identified, along with neuro-immunological factors and molecules associated with learning and memory. Moreover, using BCG and Listeria monocytogenes, we aim to study the role of IFN-g-producing T helper cells on cognitive functions.