Special Issue: Progress in Neuroscience in Africa

metabolic brain diseaseSpecial Issue: Progress in Neuroscience in Africa
Metabolic Brain Disease
Volume 31, Issue 1, February 2016
Issue Editors: Fleur M. Howells & Vivienne A. Russell
ISSN: 0885-7490 (Print) 1573-7365 (Online)



In this issue (21 articles)

  1. Editorial

    Progress in neuroscience in Africa: editorial

    Fleur M. Howells, V. A. Russell…Pages 1-2

  2. Research Article

    Building sustainable neuroscience capacity in Africa: the role of non-profit organisations

    Thomas K. Karikari, Ansa E. Cobham, Iliya S. Ndams…Pages 3-9

  3. Research Article

    Kolaviron was protective against sodium azide (NaN3) induced oxidative stress in the prefrontal cortex

    Olayemi J. Olajide, Bernard U. Enaibe, Oluwamolakun O. BankolePages 25-35

  4. Original Article

    Memory deficits associated with khat (Catha edulis) use in rodents

    S. T. Kimani, N. B. Patel, P. G. KioyPages 45-52

  5. Original Article

    Frontal white matter changes and aggression in methamphetamine dependence

    Katharina Lederer, Jean-Paul Fouche, Don Wilson, Dan J. SteinPages 53-62

  6. Original Article

    Alcohol exposure in utero is associated with decreased gray matter volume in neonates

    Kirsten A. Donald, J. P. Fouche, Annerine Roos, Nastassja KoenPages 81-91

  7. Research Article

    Neural and behavioural changes in male periadolescent mice after prolonged nicotine-MDMA treatment

    Philip A. Adeniyi, Azeez O. Ishola, Babafemi J. LaoyePages 93-107

  8. Original Article

    Female rats are resistant to developing the depressive phenotype induced by maternal separation stress

    J. J. Dimatelis, I. M. Vermeulen, K. Bugarith, D. J. SteinPages 109-119

  9. Original Article

    Molecular mechanisms of D-cycloserine in facilitating fear extinction: insights from RNAseq

    Stefanie Malan-Müller, Lorren Fairbairn, Willie M. U. DanielsPages 135-156

  10. Original Article

    Glutamatergic and HPA-axis pathway genes in bipolar disorder comorbid with alcohol- and substance use disorders

    Shareefa Dalvie, Chiara Fabbri, Raj Ramesar, Alessandro SerrettiPages 183-189

  11. Original Article