SANS Symposium 2015 and Biological Psychiatry Congress


SANS symposium held by the Biological Psychiatry Congress: Trends & Treatments: The Challenging Landscape

Dates Biological Psychiatry Congress: 24th – 27th September, 2015

Date SANS symposium: 26th September, 2015

Venue: Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West, Western Cape

Biological Psychiatry – Abstracts

SANS Exco with Travel Award Winners (L-R): Dr Sian Hemmings (SANS Secretary); Mr Lyndon Zass; Miss Faatiemah Higgins; Miss Kelebogile Moremi; Miss Patricia Swart; Miss Asisipo Mohamed; Dr Fleur Howells (SANS Chair); Prof Vivienne Russell (Exco-member)

SANS  National Travel Award Winner(s):

Asisipo Mohamed (UKZN): The changes of pro-inflammatory cytokines in a prenatally stressed febrile seizure animal model & whether Rhus-chirindensis may attenuate these changes

SANS Regional Travel Award Winner(s):

Mr Lyndon Zass (SU): Investigating COMT variants in anxiety sensitivity in South African adolescents

Mr Khethelo Xulu (SU): Genetic investigation of appetitive aggression in South African former young offenders: the involvement of serotonin transporter

Ms Patricia Swart (UCT): The brain and behaviour in a third trimester equivalent animal model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Ms Faatiemah Higgins (SU): Investigation of Variants within Antipsychotic Candidate Pharmacogenes Associated with Treatment Outcome

Ms Kelebogile Moremi (SU): Influence of TMPRSS6 A736V and HFE C282Y on serum iron parameters and age of onset in patients with multiple sclerosis

Dr Hilmar Luckhoff (SU): Clinical relevance of FTO rs9939609 as a determinant of cardio-metabolic risk in South African patients with major depressive disorder

ORAL PRESENTATION WINNERS (Biological Psychiatry Prize)

Joint winners
Ms Antoinette Burger (UCT): The effect of Early Abstinence from Long-Term Methamphetamine Use on Brain Metabolism Using 1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (1H-MRS)

Dr Stefanie Malan-Muller (SU): The Role Of Non-Coding RNAS in fear extinction


Mr Lyndon Zass (SU): Investigating COMT variants in anxiety sensitivity in South African adolescents